Borrower Agreement

By interacting with the Rupert Edwards Library in person and/or online, you are consenting to and acknowledging the following terms, conditions, and responsibilities:

Borrowing from the Rupert Edwards Library

  1. The number of items you may borrow and for how long depends upon your status at the Royal Conservatory. See our loans information section to determine your borrower type
  1. You must present a valid RCM ID card each time you intend to borrow. No exceptions
  1. Those who have booked a practice room cannot borrow from the library until the room key is returned to the Service Desk and their identification (student card) returned to them
  1. It is the user's responsibility to keep track of their loans. Be proactive and avoid unnecessary fines: check your library account regularly, or call, email, or visit us in person for information on your account status
  1. The library will periodically send email reminders to those who have material checked out; however, these notices are a courtesy only. Failure of receipt is not justification for the waiving of late fees or replacement costs. Be sure to add as a contact in your email programs
  1. Items that are returned incomplete (missing parts, missing discs, missing booklets, etc.) will remain on your account until the item is fully returned, and will be subject to fines, if applicable. The library will contact the patron in the event an item is returned incomplete
  1. Users may only borrow material under their name and with a valid library account in good standing. Borrowing on behalf of others is not permitted
  1. Parents or legal guardians of RCM patrons below the age of majority in Ontario may borrow on behalf of their child or ward, provided they are registered as a borrower on their child's or ward's account. This policy applies to Taylor Academy and select Conservatory School students only
  1. When you make use of your borrowing privileges, you are agreeing to be solely responsible for the care and return of items that are loaned to you
    1. If you decide to distribute or lend items to someone else after you have borrowed an item, you alone are responsible for the items' safe return, fines, or replacement fees, not your colleague(s). If you are uncertain that your colleague(s) will not return an item that you borrowed on time, do not distribute the music to them
  1. All RCM users must be in good standing to borrow from the library
    1. Those with outstanding fines or who have overdue material from either the Rupert Edwards Library or from the University of Toronto (inter-library loan) are not considered to be in good standing. Borrowing privileges are suspended until accounts are settled
  1. Users who must pay for library privileges may do so by either cash or cheque, the latter made out to the "The Royal Conservatory of Music"

Fines and Loans

  1. It is the responsibility of the borrower,
    1. To ensure that they are aware of the due date of all material checked out
    2. To ensure that the information on their library account is current, and
    3. To check their email accounts on a regular basis for all RCM-related correspondence
  1. The non-receipt of library notices does not relieve the borrower from fines or suspension of privileges
  2. Borrowing privileges will be suspended for those owing the library replacement costs, fines, and/or missing parts from incomplete returns
  3. Users who owe $2.50 or less on their account may continue to borrow items, but must pay this amount before the end of term
  4. Damaged items include, but are not limited to,
    1. Print material returned with ink, pencil, highlighter or other written markings, rips, stains, missing pages, graffiti, excessive creasing, or water damage
    2. Audio/video recordings which can no longer be played on library equipment
  1. The Library Services Manager determines whether material is damaged, as well as whether material must be replaced and at what cost
  2. Borrowers with items that are 1, 7, and 15 days overdue will be notified by email. Items overdue by more than 40 days will be marked LOST, and the user charged for the maximum fine and replacement cost of the item
  3. The names of students with long-standing overdue material and/or fines will be reported to the Registrar. Students will not be able to graduate with an outstanding library account balance. Registration for the following year will not be permitted until the student's library account is cleared
  4. Faculty and staff members with overdue material and/or fines will have their borrowing privileges revoked until accounts are cleared. Notification at the supervisory or decanal level will be issued in the event staff or faculty fail to settle their account in a timely manner
  5. Fines can by paid by cash or cheque, the latter made out to "Royal Conservatory of Music"
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Don't have a library card?

If you are a GGS, Academy, or Conservatory School student, your student card is your library card. If you are RCM faculty, you may request a card from the library. If you are RCM staff, bring a business card to the library for processing.

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