Library Code of Conduct


The library’s code of conduct is in place to provide users the optimal library experience. Users are expected to follow not only the library’s code of conduct, but also the overarching code of conduct outlined in the Student Handbook.
The library’s policy applies to any space in the Rupert Edwards Library, including the stacks, computers, and group work spaces. In return, the library will provide the highest level of service, assisting users in circulating items, finding resources, and providing an environment conducive to learning.

Use of the library

Individuals wishing to use the library will be subject to the code of conduct outlined below. The library will be used for educational purposes, and users who are not abiding to this policy may be asked to leave. Users requiring resources, including computers, for educational purposes will get priority over those who are using social media, or playing games. In addition, there is no loitering, vandalism, or soliciting permitted in the library. If individuals wish to engage in conversation, there is space in the atrium, located directly next to the library.
The use of photography and videotaping will also be strictly prohibited, including, but not limited to, social media platforms such as SnapChat and Instagram. Users found violating this policy will be asked to delete the media, and to leave the library.

Code of Conduct

Users are required to follow the code of conduct outlined below. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the library space.

  1. Users will show respect to their fellow users, as well as library staff. This includes using a lower volume when speaking, and to respect the decisions of the library staff.
  2. Users are will actively contribute to maintaining a quiet atmosphere in the library. Loud conversations will not be permitted, at the discretion of the library staff. Additionally, any raucous behavior will not be tolerated, and users engaging in such behavior will be asked to leave.
  3. Food and beverage are restricted in the library. Drinks in spill-resistant containers and neat snack foods, at the discretion of library staff, are permitted. Drink without lids, messy, noise, or aromatic foods are not permitted. Failure to clean up after consuming any food or beverage will result in loss of this privilege, and food and drink may be banned going forward if it becomes a recurring problem.
  4. Users will show respect for the library resources and space. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning up their workspace before leaving, not re-shelving books and scores and returning them to designated book carts, and not monopolizing specialized workstations.
  5. Users will refrain from prohibited activities, including removing items without going through the proper circulation policy, mutilating library items, bringing animals into the library (with the exception of designated service animals), harassment or assault of library staff, and refusal to abide by any policies or regulations pertaining to health and safety.
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