Loan Information

Loan Period
Borrower Type Loan Period Renewals
Students (Glenn Gould School and Taylor Academy) 28 days 3
Students (Conservatory School) 28 days 3 (no renewals on CDs/DVDs)
RCM Faculty 120 days 1
Staff 28 days 3
Accompanists 28 days 3 (CDs / DVDs In-Library Use Only)
GGS Alumni* 28 days 3 (CDs / DVDs In-Library Use Only)
Associate* 28 days 3 (CDs / DVDs In-Library Use Only)
Item Limits
Students (Glenn Gould School and Taylor Academy) 20 items
Students (Conservatory School) 18 items
RCM Faculty 48 items
Staff 20 items
Accompanists 12 items
GGS Alumni* 12 items
Associate* 12 items

Regular loans
$0.50 per business day per item up to $25.00
Course reserves, headphones
$0.50 per hour per item up to $5.00
Replacement fee
$50.00 per item, or item replacement cost if greater
Replacement fee (orchestra rentals)
Determined by publisher
Library privileges are suspended if fines are accrued

* Annual fee of 45 dollars is required.

Please note: Accompanists, GGS Alumni, and Associates may only use CDs and DVDs in the library. Listening / viewing equipment is available

Borrowing from the University of Toronto (Inter-library Loan)

Glenn Gould School students, Taylor Academy students and RCM faculty in good standing have access to the University of Toronto Libraries. In the event you cannot find an item at the Rupert Edwards Library, you may request an inter-library loan.

Forms for U of T requests are at the RCM library circulation desk and should be submitted to library staff at the time of completion. Please note: Loan policies and loan periods are set by the University of Toronto and must be followed

Loan Limit
6 items
Loan Period
14 days per item + 2 renewals (Maximum length per item: 42 days). You must email, call, or visit RCM library staff in person to request a renewal.
$0.50 per day per item + suspension of borrowing privileges.
$145 replacement charge (if applicable) in addition to fines accrued.
Rupert Edwards Library borrowing privileges will be suspended if you return a U of T item incomplete, past its due date, or have an outstanding fine with them
Monographs and print music only. (DVDs and CDs are unavailable)

Turnaround time from request to availability is 1 to 5 days. The Rupert Edwards Library will email you when your item arrives. Return all U of T items to the Rupert Edwards Library

The Rupert Edwards Library cannot change the loan periods or the policies of U of T Libraries

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You need to be a registered RCM affiliate in good standing to log in. Visit the library for further information.

Don't have a library card?

If you are a GGS, Academy, or Conservatory School student, your student card is your library card. If you are RCM faculty, you may request a card from the library. If you are RCM staff, bring a business card to the library for processing.

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Tuesday 10:00am - 6:00pm
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Friday 10:00am - 8:00pm
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