Printing Cost

5 cents Single-sided print
10 cents Double-sided print

How to Print and Photocopy

When printing from a computer terminal:

1. Click PRINT from your word editing software
2. When prompted, choose the printer named CANON_BW_SECURE PRINT
3. Go to a photocopier of your choice
4. Swipe your access card at the card reader
6. Select your print job from the list to print your document
7. Press LOGOUT on the photocopier screen when finished

Card Reader

When photocopying, scanning, or emailing at a photocopier:

1. Go to a photocopier of your choice
2. Swipe your access card at the card reader
3. Press the "LOGIN & ACCESS FUNCTIONS" button to access the function of your choice
4. Press LOGOUT on the photocopier screen when finished


If your print job costs more than what is in your account, the system will complete the print job; however, you will be unable to scan, email, photcopy or print subsequent jobs due to a negative balance. Visit the library circulation desk to refill your account

You cannot print without your valid RCM access card

You no longer have to enter a username and password at the photocopier to print, scan, email or photocopy.

I Don't Have RCM Identification

GGS Students Colin Story, Interim Admissions & Student Services Manager - Room 204,
Academy Students Cate Thomason-Redus, Academy Manager, The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy - Room 202,
Faculty and Staff See your school administrator or contact Security,, 416.408.2824 x400

Printing Accounts

GGS and Academy printing accounts are managed by the Rupert Edwards Library. Visit the library circulation desk to add money to your account. Faculty and staff accounts are managed by the RCM Service Desk. Please visit the Service Desk adjacent to Mazzoleni Hall in Ihnatowycz Hall for questions or issues.

GGS students:         $10 increments (cash only)
Academt students:     $5 increments (cash only)


RCM Students

Visit the library circulation desk
Phone: 416.408.2824 x331 (Library)

Faculty and Staff

Visit the RCM Service Desk
Phone: 416.408.2824 x255


Don't have a password yet?

You need to be a registered RCM affiliate in good standing to log in. Visit the library for further information.

Don't have a library card?

If you are a GGS, Academy, or Conservatory School student, your student card is your library card. If you are RCM faculty, you may request a card from the library. If you are RCM staff, bring a business card to the library for processing.

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Tuesday 10:00am - 6:00pm
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Thursday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Friday 10:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
Library hours are subject to change without notice

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